Govt policy moves from past week

Mo Jingxi
Updated: Oct 12,2021 07:03 AM    China Daily

Better health insurance system to be established

China will establish a multi-tiered medical insurance system with universal coverage that benefits both urban and rural residents in a fair and sustainable way, according to the country's latest medical security plan released on Sept 29.

The plan, part of the nation's overall 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25), was issued by the General Office of the State Council, China's Cabinet.

So far, China's basic medical insurance schemes have covered 1.36 billion people, with the coverage rate hovering above 95 percent.

To further the high-quality development of medical insurance and promote common prosperity, the plan said that efforts will be made to ensure that by 2025, China will have a more mature medical insurance system that is more accessible to all by narrowing the coverage gap between people in different regions.

The system will also be law-based and assisted by smart technologies, it said.
According to the plan, the country will also promote the coordinated advancement of medical insurance management and medical services reform in order to better serve the public.

Campaign tackling fake product safety licenses

A nationwide campaign was recently launched to crack down on illegal activities involving the production and sale of counterfeit product safety production licenses via fake governmental websites.

The campaign, which started in September and runs through June, is being jointly carried out by the Ministry of Emergency Management and the Ministry of Public Security.

A notice published on Oct 7 stated that as a result of illegal activities, people lacking basic safety skills are participating in high-risk operations, increasing the potential for accidents at production facilities.

While the Ministry of Emergency Management will help enterprises check whether personnel have obtained authentic licenses as required by their posts, the Ministry of Public Security will crack down on relevant criminal offenses in accordance with the law.

Nation ramps up use of BDS in transport sector

China has expanded use of the Beidou Navigation Satellite System in its transportation sector, with the system now installed in over 7 million commercial vehicles, according to Vice-Minister of Transport Wang Zhiqing.

The system has helped speed up transportation, ensure safe production and raise service standards, Wang said at the First International Summit on BDS applications, which opened in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, in September.

The transportation sector is the largest civil industry user of the system, and BDS has become indispensable to the industry's efforts to upgrade.

The ministry will continue to promote the large-scale use of BDS across every sector of the transportation industry by formulating a plan for its long- and medium-term development. It will also aim to push the use of BDS in the construction of new infrastructure, Wang said.

In addition, the ministry will make vigorous efforts to promote BDS internationally for the use of transportation industries worldwide.