Premier Li cares about small businesses

Updated: Feb 1,2019 11:33 PM

Premier Li Keqiang on Feb 1 visited a farm produce fair in the city of Ulaanqab, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

While there he enquired about supply and consumption, as well as food safety ahead of Spring Festival.

At a stall selling beef and mutton, Premier Li asked about price rises and sales volume. The stall holder said there has been an increase in prices, which affected his number of sales.

“How is your business compared to last year?” Premier Li asked. “It has been much better since we moved into the fair, as facilities here are perfect,” the stall holder answered.

“The State Council has just released tax-reduction policies benefiting small and micro-sized enterprises and individual businesses – so how about your taxes and fees now?” the Premier asked.

Learning that the owner’s tax has been greatly reduced, the Premier was pleased to say that the government will introduce more targeted measures to further reduce small businesses’ burdens and increase their incomes.